About Pic-a-POD

Pic-a-POD is a utility application for Mac that downloads the picture of the day from a selection of web sites and optionally sets your desktop picture or wallpaper to a selected or random one of these pics.

View Today’s PODs in your browser.

Pic-a-POD for iOS is an app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It shows a list of the pictures for the current day and allows you to save any of these to your Camera Roll for use as wallpaper.

Download PODs from:

Set your desktop picture or wallpaper to any of the downloaded photos.

Change to a random desktop periodically from Pic-a-POD or from your iPhoto library (Mac only).

Browse through all the downloaded pics (Mac only).

Share the pics via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Mac only) or email.
Pic-a-POD 2 for Mac

Pic-a-POD for Mac is now available from the Mac App Store for 99 cents (or the local equivalent).
Pic-a-POD for iOS is a free app through iTunes and the iOS App Store.